Extension booms are common in larger facilities with overhead cranes or high ceilings where traditional style hose drops are not feasible. Ventaire’s heavy duty booms offer robust construction, available in two different styles. Our EXB extension booms are typically wall or column mounted and provide the additional length required to reach exhaust pipes in vehicle repair facilities with large maintenance bays.

Ventaire roto-booms can be mounted to a wall, column or suspended from the ceiling. Offering full 360° rotation at the wall bracket, Ventaire’s roto-booms are one of the most versatile options when it comes to vehicle exhaust extraction systems. Commonly packaged with a flexible hose assembly and optional hose storage system, these overhead booms allow for maximum vehicle exhaust extraction coverage throughout the facility vehicle service bays.


  • Military vehicle maintenance facilities
  • Public works vehicle maintenance facilities
  • Heavy equipment maintenance garages
  • Bus transit maintenance facilities
  • Power sport service centers
  • Vocational Technology Schools
Boom Systems