Ventaire’s automatic cable reel balancer's utilize a high quality heavy duty carbon spring or direct drive motor to extend and retract the overhead flexible hose assembly. When needed, simply extend and retract the hose using the cable pull kit or control pendant attached to the flexible hose assembly. Ventaire offers two different spring powered cable reel balancer's depending on the weight of the hose assembly. Ventaire also offers motorized cable reels for over sized applications. The universal mounting bracket allows for the cable reel balancer's to suspend from the ceiling, attach to wall or mount directly to an extension boom arm. Installing the cable reel balancer's is easy and requires minimal maintenance.


  • Powder coated reinforced steel construction with enclosed carbon spring (ACR).
  • Lock and latch design allows for convenient hose length control (ACR).
  • Spring cable reel balancer's available in 15 pound and 25 pound lifting capacity (ACR).
  • Motorized cable reels available in 53 pound or 88 pound lifting capacity (MCR).
  • 15’ of aircraft cable to connect to lifting saddle on hose assembly.
  • Pull cable with handle for simple extension and retraction of the flexible exhaust hose (ACR).
  • Hose stop to prevent over rotation (ACR).
  • Various hose types, lengths & diameters.
  • Available in ceiling, sidewall or extension boom arm mounting configuration.
  • Made in the USA.



cable Reel Balancer System