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Fume & Dust Collection

Fume & Industrial Dust Collection Systems

Ventaire offers several types of industrial dust collectors to improve indoor air quality within the workspace. Cartridge dust collectors are the most common type of dust collector for applications producing smaller particulate such as welding and smoke.

When it comes to applications producing larger dust particulate such as woodworking, cyclone collectors are most common. For applications that require fume control but permanent installation is not feasible, Ventaire portable fume collectors are a great choice.

Below you’ll find additional information on Ventaire fume and industrial dust collection systems to best suit your specific air quality control requirements. If you are not finding what you’re looking for – just ask!

  • Cartridge Dust Collectors
  • Cyclone Dust Collector
  • Portable Fume Collectors

Cartridge Dust Collectors

Ventaire’s cartridge dust collectors are one of the most robust and efficient dust collectors in the industry. The DCC series dust collector is the ideal solution to your air quality issues whether it be welding, grinding, powders, blasting, or almost any process that produces fine dust.

The Ventaire DCC cartridge dust collectors are equipped with a reverse jet pulse filter cleaning system providing optimum performance and filter life. The high-efficiency filters allow for the clean air to be returned to the space or exhausted to the environment.

Available in multiple configurations and with a vast array of options, the Ventaire DCC cartridge dust collector is the perfect solution to your dust issues.


  • Heavy-duty powder-coated steel construction.
  • Capabilities ranging from 1,000 CFM to 100,000 CFM.
  • Nano-Fiber filters with MERV 15 efficiency as standard.
  • Reverse pulse filter cleaning system.
  • Pulse control timer board with built-in digital pressure gauge.
  • Air venturis for optimum filter cleaning.
  • Quick-lock – easy access filter doors.
  • Dust collection drum with lid.
  • Lifting lugs.
  • Direct drive or belt drive exhaust fan.
  • Industry-leading 10-year craftsmanship and material warranty.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Options: Filter upgrade, Outlet Silencer, spark trap, explosion vent, solenoid heater kit, VFD control panel, outlet damper & custom construction.


Cyclone Dust Collector

Ventaire cyclone dust collectors are an efficient yet cost-effective option for collecting larger dust particulate in applications such as woodworking, plastic, and metal cutting.

The CDC cyclone dust collectors can be incorporated with several different after filter options if further filtration is required for fine dust particles. These units can be configured to recirculate the filtered air back into the space or out into the environment.

The simple and rugged design of the Ventaire series CDC cyclone dust collector provides for minimal maintenance for years to come.


  • Heavy-duty powder-coated steel construction.
  • Dust particulate is centrifugally separated from the airstream.
  • Rugged and reliable design. The only moving part is the impeller wheel located on the clean air side.
  • Capabilities ranging from 800 CFM to 15,000 CFM.
  • Direct drive or belt drive blower.
  • 55 Gallon drum dust collection as standard.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Options: Motorized after filter, enclosed hanging after filter, enclosure less after filters, outlet silencer, explosion vent in cyclone for NFPA code compliance, all-in-one control panel, rotary air lock, fire protection equipment & various dust disposal options.


Portable Fume Collectors

This unit is designed to be moved with minimal effort to the ideal location for effectively capturing weld smoke. The included filtration system cleans the polluted air and recycles it back into the work area.

This system is ideal for smaller welding shops because it eliminates the need for costly permanent ventilation systems or large, inefficient make-up air systems.

The PORT700CF is furnished with a 6″ diameter fume arm with a 10′ length. The capacity of this unit is designed for general welding.


About Ventaire

For nearly 40 years, Ventaire has designed and manufactured source-capture ventilation systems and components for extracting noxious fumes and gases in commercial and industrial applications.

Ventaire holds numerous patents for innovative ventilation components in our industry. We have built a solid reputation across the country for outstanding product quality and service to manufacturing representatives, engineers, contractors, architects, and business owners.

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